Bollywood Dancer ‘Goris’ And Their Stirring Saga..!! – A Special Report.

Ever wondered where Bollywood gets all its dancing foreigners? We found out where Bollywood’s dancing Goris come from, and how the industry treats them. Every director big or small budget needs them in their dance numbers. Meet Sonu Srivastava, a man who has been feeding Bollywood’s foreigner fixation since 1999 and how he brought these dancers to India. This agency has a proper contract for these dancers and strict clause in it so that they are treated well.

Unrealistic call timings, crazy work schedules, extreme working conditions and lot of other shit they have to battle behind the camera. Some have agreements with their agents, where by they are supposed to inform their agents about their whereabouts, post a specified time period. They are escorted therefore by Agent provided assistants/guards and are meant to be scared if they cross those agreements.

Their Bollywood journey is by no means a fairytale, and it requires high amount of dedication to actually make it big. Some Stay, Some Leave, But As They Say The Show Needs To Go On….And So Does Bollywood.

Watch this video to find out more.

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