How Books Can Change Your Life And Upgrade You To Your Best Version..!!


By Chetna Kaushik

We all know that reading is a good habit, and we all have been pressurised to read when we were young. All we wanted to do was, run all day and then fall asleep, without eating, at night. But as I grew up, I realised I missed a lot. The people who used to read fairy tales and book when they were young are so interesting. And better, in reading, writing and pulling strings together in a puzzle.

But reading is not just about it, it’s the pleasure of knowing the characters, how they think, what they do.And when you finish a book, there is this content feeling when it ends ‘happily ever after’ and feeling of grief when it doesn’t end so well.

Here are somethings book reading helps you learn and improve:


giphyBooks, reading, helps you cultivate a power, power without which you cannot solve a problem, the power of imagination. Imagination helps you understand a problem, the technicality of it.

And as a student of physics I know how much more important imagination is, than what it is estimated to be. You will never understand the equations if you cannot imagine the body moving, the universe growing and the dimensions curled up into infinitesimally volumes.

Books give you that.


giphy (1)Fiction, non-fiction whichever book it is, each book teaches you something new. You can never say that you didn’t learn something new from a book.

Even fictions give so much knowledge, the history of a place, the people. And non-fictions, the autobiographies show the real world. How things are done and were done. How it all became what it is presently. They teach you how not to give up hope and how bad things can go. Books can teach you lessons of life, so you might not learn it by making mistakes.

Books are prime source of knowledge in the world. The other source is experience, but books have experiences in them.


giphy (2)Words, words are what makes a book. And words are what you fall in love with. Words build up the favourite character, favourite line and favourite part.

Books give you a vast pool of words, not just the meaning but how they are used? And where?

And before you realize it you are using them in your daily life. They give you the exposure to new words, new things.


giphy (3)What you think, you become. And what you think depends on what you read. The more you can think, the better you can write it. Reading makes you a better thinker and a better writer. Writing is important for everyone. How to put what you want in words, and if you have to publish it, how should you write it? So that people can understand the essence of your statement. Because everyone can understand what they want to, not what you meant. Books, teach you how to craft a prose. How to make influence on other people.


giphy (4)Reading is a hard task. You have to remember what happened in the first chapter to comprehend what is going on in the current one. Reading on a daily purpose helps your memory to improve.

Brain get used to reading and your memory becomes better. The more you read the better your memory will be. This is one of the reasons why reading is appreciated in young age.

And then you get used to it.

Books just don’t give you memory, vocabulary, imagination and knowledge. Books give you pleasure too. It takes you places without much money. Everyone should try it.

And if I’m given a choice between going to see a movie and a book, I would happily curl up in a blanket and read the night away.