10 Thoughts That Go Through Every Girl’s Mind When She Opens Her Closet


What do I feel? Do I want to be that head turner because I feel like I am on fire today or just the girl next door because I feel an entirely new low today? For almost every girl, her appearance shouts and screams about what she is feeling on the inside. God help PMS.

giphy (5)

How common could this look? Whoever said follow the herd! Every girl’s worst nightmare is having another girl wear almost or the exact same outfit. They will try their level best to look extraordinary, their OCD follows suit.

giphy (6)

Is this classy or borderline cheap? Hell no, no girl wants to be the basis of a comment that says “Did you see what she was wearing? Looked so effin cheap, wonder what she was thinking”. They’d rather be that classy girl who rocked her outfit.

giphy (7)What’s the occasion? Unlike boys who can slip up a tee or a shirt for any event under the sun, girls on the other hand have massive thinking behind every outfit. You can’t wear a black dress for lunch, are you joking you don’t want to look over the top now do you?

giphy (8)I need to look better than her, obviously. Whether it is going to college, a dinner, the club or even just a friend’s house there is almost always a “her” that every girl needs to outshine. A little bit of competition is healthy you see.

giphy (9)Do I have matching shoes and accessories? What’s the point of having this dreamy and uber delicious outfit if you don’t have shoes and accessories to doll it up with? Problem, rather battle that every girl goes through. Now you can’t wear pink heels with a purple outfit, can you?

giphy (10)giphy (10)Have I worn this before? It is satanic to repeat an outfit in the closet diaries of almost every girl. Nobody should pass a judgement saying “Oh My God, look at her, she wore the same thing the last time, guess she has a closet less than half of mine”. Strict, No.

giphy (11)Does it make me look fat? “It’s so pretty, I love the colour but wait does it make my belly fat visible?” No matter how gorgeous and wonderful a piece of clothing is if the mirror tells you it makes you look fat, then it’s not worth a penny. Even if 10 people say that it doesn’t make you look fatter or thinner than you are. Welcome to the girl world.

giphy (12)Oh My God, this is such a cute outfit I am going to save it for next time. Although the major cause of concern is to look for what to wear now, occasionally they’ll explore unattended parts of their closet to discover amazing things they can wear later.

giphy (13)I DON’T HAVE ANYTHING TO WEAR! The ultimate and most terrifying that that invariably always comes out of any girl’s mouth when she opens her closet. 10 jeans, 100 tops obviously we don’t have anything to wear.

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