Boozing For The First Time? Here Are The Most Common Things Every Friend Tells You


Drinking is one habit which is not only risky to inculcate but comes along with lots of tags. If you minus the social pressures, almost everyone you offer a peg would love to have one. It’s in those initial stages that every person has a nightmare to get through. You have no clue as to how it is going to end up for you or the people around you.

Most of us have this first experience with friends around us. Even though there is this small urge inside us to have our first peg of alcohol with great gala and celebration, there is some social force we always succumb and end up postponing that moment. Mostly it is this moment that turns out to be one of the best memories with our friends. Now, friends are in such situation for a reason. They are our ‘gurus’ and we abide by whatever they say.

Here are those few things most of our friends tell us when we are boozing for the first time.


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