Love Star : A 3D Animated Song In Telugu That Is Going Viral


While Telugu cinema is just getting its foot hold on VFX in the movies, to come up with an animated movie is definitely going to take a while. It is not that we have lesser creative ideas or market; it is the time and money that goes into making such stuff.

7Seas Entertainment chose this unique path which has lot of glitches and struggle to get across successfully. They have come up with a 3D animated video song called ‘Love Star’ which has been canned through high technical design for semi realistic technology. Love star is a star beyond Megastar, Superstar or even Prince star. The reason we chose to talk about this is we rarely come across any 3D animation in Telugu. And this one has a three and a half minute song choreographed where the Love star imitates all the movie stars from Megastar to Stylish star.

Kudos to the team 7Seas Entertainment for this attempt! Hemachandra and Sravana Bhargavi rendered their voice for this song which was composed by Naresh Ravula.

A decent attempt worth a watch! Here it is!!

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