Choosing Art Vs Stereotyped Reactions Of Parents


By Rachna Shilpi

A few years back the awareness about different professions was not available. If a guy/girl from a non-artsy background wanted to choose art, it involved a tedious task. From choosing the right institute to convincing your parents and finally going against their will to pursue your interests.

Not all parents discourage their kids. Their only concern is to be on the safe side of the game and want to see their kids well off.

Let’s pick on the general or stereotyped reactions parents express when they hear their kids are choosing different fields of art.

Choosing to be a Singer

The concept of singing and taking it up professionally got popular with shows like Padutha theeyaga, Super Singer, etc. Now most Indian parents let their children learn music as a course along with their education.
A parents mind voice:


Choosing to be a Dancer

Some youngsters identify their ability to dance while they are forced by friends to dance at school and college fests and annual days, some figure it out at a Baarath (sister’s wedding, friends brother’s wedding, galli mein kisiki wedding). This gradually leads to their participation in reality shows. Most kids take on it without informing their parents as they might ask the kids to concentrate on studies rather. Here girls are at an advantage as their parents let them attend some form of classical dance classes.
But again, a parents mind voice:


Choosing to be a Writer

The interest to write is understood by most youngsters about 20. They note down incidents in their life, maintain diaries, read books and develop an interest in this area. Parents get to know nothing about this so they cannot really restrict their kids.
Here it is the Kid’s mind voice


Choosing to be an Artist

A painter is appreciated by the parents as long as he/she does not mix it which their academics. Parents do not make efforts to let their kids indulge in learning it professionally, but encourage them if the paintings are getting sold.
A parents mind voice:

4 (9)

Choosing to be an Actor

Acting is a passion found in most people, irrespective of their age. This too has a platform on TV, complemented by various talent shows. It is an individual’s decision and he takes it the way things unwind and opportunities come their way.
A parents mind voice:

5 (8)

I believe art is all about the heart, it leads you to joy and satisfaction.

Make, believe and the world would be yours!

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