The Culprits Who Threw A Dog Off The Rooftop Have Been Identified, Here They Are!!


The sadistic video of a guy heartlessly throwing a puppy down a building has been doing the rounds on Social Media and everyone of us were fumed up when we learnt about it. You needn’t be an animal lover to react to this. It is about how you are behaving in the society. Thanks to the social media where we are proving that we can fight such inhumane acts instantly. Two guys, Anthony and Shravan came forward to hunt down these assholes (a guy throwing the puppy and another dumbfu**ker who even shot a video), who indulged in this callous act and lodged a complaint with the Chennai police based on few evidences.

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The police commissioner acting on this quickly called for an investigation with the help of Cyber Crime Police to identify the culprits. They happened to be Gautam Sudarhsan and Asish Paul, final year medical students from the Madha Medical College, Kundrathur, Chennai.

Culprits indentified

It is disheartening to learn that these two morons are studying medicine. We urge that they be debarred from studying medicine for the cold-heart that they have. The police have set out to hunt them down as they happened to be on a run. It is now just a matter of time that they will be caught and in no way can they escape the punishment. But, here is we informing you about the culprits, so in case you happen to come across them, let them be aware of what they have done. We understand they could be someone’s friend, but what’s wrong is wrong. They are entitled for this to happen to them.

To encourage you, in a facebook post, Sally Kannan, Outreach Consultant at Humane Society International, stated that the cyber crime cell in Chennai is currently investigating the case.  She said, “Humane Society International/India is offering a reward of Rs 1,00,000 to anyone who is willing to volunteer valid information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person responsible for this evil.”

If you know anything about these guys, you could get in touch with the Chennai Cyber Cell.

We have done our bit here, we hope you do your bit! Spread the word!!

And to cheer you up, the dog has been found by the Animal Rights activist, Shravan Krishnan, posted a picture of the pup on social media quoting its status that the pup is unable to walk proper and it is undergoing the required medical treatment.

Source : India Today