Do’s and don’ts when your smartphone falls in water


Our phone falling in water is the worse nightmare ever. This situation leaves us clueless as to what to do after the phone has immersed. Here are a few things you should do and a few you shouldn’t when your smartphone falls in the water.

Don’t use a hairdryer:smartphone

Using a hairdryer to dry your phone is the worst thing to do. The heat coming out from the hairdryer will damage your phone even more. Avoid placing your phone near any kind of heat. You can, however, put it under the sun to die.

Don’t press any key, or plug it in:smartphone android

Pressing the home button or plugging a charger will push the water further into the device.

Do: switch it off immediately:smartphone android

The first thing to do after your phone falls into water is to switch it off since using a wet smartphone since it will damage the phone which will cause your phone to stop working.

Do: Wipe it and shake itsmartphone android

After switching off the phone, wipe the phone thoroughly with a dry cloth and shake it for the extra water to drain out. You can even try putting it in some rice since it’ll soak the excess water.