Editor Praveen KL Reveals About Kabali And Trailer Cuts


Kabali- the most awaited movie of the year, is a sensation even before the movie has released. Be it the first look poster, teaser, fan made posters, or a rumor about the release of the trailer, audio, and the film, the internet is going hullabaloo. Breaking all records and creating history, Thalaivar is all set to give his fans an experience of a lifetime with this movie. And for all those waiting with a bated breath for updates on Kabali, Editor Praveen KL reveals some interesting info about the movie, storyline, Trailer cuts, and of course about Thalivar!

Bytes about #Kabali revealed by Praveen KL (the editor of the film – Kabali )

The plot:

– The film’s plot is based more on emotions and journey of a man who is back to get what he lost in 25 years of his imprisonment.

Our Interpretation:

The first shot in the teaser where Thalaivar walks out majestically, with men in uniform marching behind him, could actually be the sequence where he walks out of the prison.

The bad guys:

– The villain gang is called 43 0 and the way how #Kabali takes down the empire of villains all alone is narrated in a very interesting manner.

Our interpretation: 

The teaser did not give the audience a glimpse of Malaysian actor Rosyam Nor and Taiwanese actor Winston Chao who are playing the bad guys in the movie, but it did have actor Kishore, who is shown shouting ‘Yaarda intha Kabali, Vara sollra avane’ (Whose is this Kabali? Ask him to come in face) sitting amidst a gang of Malaysian goons. This could certainly mean that he is a smaller villain and is probably the one to introduce to the audience the might of ‘Kabali’ the Don!


– The growth of the don Kabali from the commoner. Kabali is gonna be one of the highlights of the film and its gonna be quiet interesting.

Our interpretation: This could appear as a flashback sequence in the movie, which hopefully will be as amazing as the Basha flashback, and Thalaivar in the retro look, that was a treat to the eyes of his fans, in the teaser could be the point where the flashback begins… Remember this sequence from Basha?

That style, charm, and  with his signature style, prompting goose-bumps? Now check this out.

Seems like the Superstar is back to re-create the charm of Basha. And this shot could be the one that shows his past when he transforms into a Don.


– There are 5 songs, used as OST’s ( montage, Background score ) there will be 6 in the album and will get to witness 4 songs visually in the film. There is a typical ” THE RAJNI ” introduction song, there is a Romantic love song as well .15 Rajinikanth GIFs That Will Help You React To Life's Important Moments

Thalaivar’s look:

Extra info, that we managed to scoop out from a Tamil magazine says that Thalaivar might have three different looks in the movie.

We have just one word! #Thalaivaaa!

You can watch the full interview of Editor Praveen KL about Kabali here.