Everything About Parag Agrawal & Check Out Memes That Erupted After He Was Appointed As Twitter CEO

Tech Giants ki Indian ni CEO’s ga appoint chese trend Twitter tho inko mettu ekkindi. Monnativaraku Goggle ki Sundar Pichai, Microsoft ki Satya Nadella, Adobe Ki Shantanu Narayan & IBM ki Arvind Krishna ila Tech giants and technology world ni rule chestunna companies ki CEO’s ga mana Indians eh unnaru. Ippudu idi continue chesthu microblogging site Twitter ki kuda mana Indian ne CEO ga appoint chesaru.

Jack Dorsey Twitter CEO ga resign chesina taruvatha Parag Agrawal Twitter CEO ga appoint announce chesaru. Announce chesina koddi sepatike social media lo Parag Agrawal peru full trend aindi. Assalu evaru ee Parag Agrawal? Em chadivadu? Proper ekkada? Twitter lo join aindi ekkado ippudu chuseddam.

From IIT Bombay To Stanford:

Parag Agrawal is an IIT Graduate from Bombay IIT College. Parag completed his bachelors in engineering in computer science at IIT Bombay. Then he moved to the US for further studies where he received his bachelors in engineering in computer science from Stanford University. Parag did schooling from Atomic Energy Central School. Parag’s mother is a retired school teacher and Parag’s father was employed in the atomic energy sector.

Joined Twitter in 2011 As Ads-Engineer:

Parag joined Twitter in 2011 where he opted to work for ad-related products as Ads Engineer and developed his skills in Artificial Intelligence. In 2017, Parag was appointed as CTO Chief Technical Officer and appointed as CEO (Chief Executive Officer) on Monday (November 29th, 2021) at the age of 45.

Memes Erupted & Netizens Digs Up Old Tweets Of Parag After he appointed as CEO of Twitter:

Twitterati started digging up old tweets of Parag Agrawal on Twitter…his tweet on Shreya Ghoshal went viral in no time. Actually Shreya Ghoshal and Parag were good friends even Parag attended her wedding also.

Here are some memes that erupt after Parag Agrawal appointed as CEO Of Twitter:









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