7 Expensive Homes And Their Stories


By Chetna Kaushik

Expensive homes and their stories…

Home was once just a basic need for human being, but somehow as the time passed and our luxury requirements started increasing, homes started to be replaced by a symbol of one’s success, money, and lifestyle standard. But then, who wouldn’t want a comfortable, luxurious home with everything they want? We all have a dream of a house we would live in future. Here are some examples to look at, maybe you would want to add something from these beautiful, amazing architectural wonders in India.


VALUE: Rs. 10,000 Crores


The name Antilia was given after a mythical island in the Atlantic Ocean which was of the same name. The home has 27 floor with high ceilings, which would make any other building of an equivalent height, have almost 60 floors. And the house was designed to survive an8- Richter scale earthquake. The building has three helipads! Wow! And a staff of 600 to maintain the residence.

In 2007 it was even declared illegal by Allahabad government because the land’s owner, Waqf Board had no right to sell it, as Waqf properties can neither be sold nor transferred. Ambani then obtained a No Objection certificate from Waqf after paying 1.6 million rupees.

But it doesn’t end here, after the land trouble, the construction was interrupted by Indian Navy as it could not allow the construction of helipads on Mumbai buildings while Awaaz Foundation, and Environment Ministry said the helipads violate local noise laws.

Antilia is deemed to be the world’s second most expensive residential property, after Buckingham Palace, which is a government property. So that makes Antilia the most expensive private residential property in the world.

  1. NCPA Apartments

Value: Rs. 29-35 crores for a 4BHK.

NCPA Apartments

“When permission was given to the promoters of residential buildings in the 1980s, the government had put in the condition that half the sales proceeds of flat would be shared equally between the collector and the NCPA. The seller receives 50% of the sale profit while the collector and NCPA are entitled to 25% each,” has been found out by sources of the Times of India.

The 22-storey building was constructed by Shapoorji Pallonji. As it belonged to the government, Jamshed Bhabha-chairman of NCPA in 1980s- approached the government.

In May 2011, a flat of NCPA apartments was sold for 29.50 rupees, which was a 4BHK flat of area 3,475 square ft.

NCPA location, which is Nariman point is one of the most expensive area in the world.

  1. Anil Ambani’s abode :

Value approx. Rs. 5000 crore

anil ambani

Looks like the Ambani brothers just want to keep amusing us with their luxurious homes.

Anil Ambani’s new home is going to be Abode- Which is currently under construction. Reportedly the cost of the building is reaching 5000 crore rupees which could increase.

This would definitely make them the owner of world’s most expensive homes.

  1. Mannat : Shahrukh Khan

Value: Rs. 129-150 crores

Shahrukh Khan

The lavish lifestyle of Shahrukh Khan is reflected in his home, Mannat. It is even said to be easily competed with Antilia. The house is situated in Bandra, Mumbai.

The house has six levels and an interior like a castle. The numerous bedrooms are mesmerizing places to stay in, and view makes it wonderful.

The house has a grand pool just inn front amid lush green plants. The each and every piece of interior was handpicked by SRK and his wife Gauri, no wonder it depicts the standard and lifestyle of the couple.

  1. Ratan Tata’s bungalow

Value: Rs. 125-150 crores

Ratan Tata’ bungalow

The house comprises three floors that are separated into seven levels. Standing on a huge area of 13,350 square ft., the building exhibit a modern architecture. The mansion, though stands simple in the appearance, claims to give the best possible sea view. Giant glass windows, walls and ceilings in white do not have much ornamentation.

There is accommodation for the servants in basement. The parking space can be used for almost twelve cars.

  1. JK House: Gautam Singhania

JK House Gautam Singhania

Gautam Singhania’s house is considered a perfect engineering achievement and a tough competition for Antilia. Featuring a stunning architecture, the gorgeous 30 storey mansion is a delightful eye candy for the viewers and a perfect abode for its wealthy owner.

It also features six levels of car parking and a helipad at its peak point. And a private museum! How cool is that huh? It serves as the repository of the family heirloom and priceless art and artefacts accumulated over the years.

  1. White house in the sky: Vijay Mallya

Value: Above Rs. 100 crores

White house in the sky Vijay mallya

The chairman of UB Group, Vijay Mallya’s new lavish under construction mansion is situated in UB City Bangalore. The Kingfisher towers has around 82 apartments split into three blocks. The first four floors along with two floors in basement have been reserved for car parking. The luxury project has a 6,000 square ft. clubhouse and a garden on the fifth floor, a similar size swimming pool on tenth floor, a badminton court on fifteenth floor, and a party hall and terrace garden on twenty-fifth floor. Although it has 82 apartments, only 72 are for sale, and 30 of them are Vijay Mallya’s.

The wonders of the businessmen!