10 Factors That Will Tempt The Auto Lover In You To Attend Auto Expo 2016 At Noida


By Hemanth Nukala

The 13th edition of Auto Expo promises to be bigger and better than ever before and it may be easy to see just why. With many new models expected to be launched, most Indian and several foreign auto manufacturers are betting big on the event to propel their products into the Indian market and onto the Indian roads.

Without wasting time, here’s a brief list of what some of the makes you guys should look forward to the Auto Expo this year at Noida.

Bollywood Corner in Auto Expo 20161.25 lakh visistors are expected to visit Auto Expo 2016Auto Expo 2016 will witness new entrants40 automakers will be Participating in Auto Expo 2016Electric and Hybrid cars in this Auto Expo 2016

80 new cars are upto release in indian Auto Expo 2016

Mercedes-Benz to showcase the GLC at this Auto Expo 2016
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Jaguar XJ in Auto Expo 2016
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Ford Mustang In Auto Expo 2016
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Bikes at Glance in Auto Expo 2016

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