Five Reasons Why Trivikram’s A.. Aa Is Simply A Beauty


When  you go for a Trivikram’s movie, you know it’s like sitting with your grandma and listening to some nice story. A..Aa is no less. It’s like weaving a soft cotton thread; the plots are tied very beautifully and untied majestically. He very subtly tells you that you are responsible to keep yourself happy. Keeping others happy is always a good habit but not at the cost of yourself. The beauty of this storytelling will impress you with Trivikram’s mark embedded all across the movie. So let’s go directly into finding out what impresses us in this movie.

A Synopsis

Anasuya Ramalingam (Samantha) is one innocent and sensitive daughter who knows nothing (actually a cute dumb girl) except giving and giving. Worried about her daughter’s future, her mother Mahalakshmi (Nadiya) decides to get her married to a wealthy business man. Anasuya who wants to escape this marriage hurdle is sent to her uncle’s (mother’s brother) village along with her nephew Anand Vihari (Nithiin) by her father. Upon reaching the village, Anasuya learns a whole new story about her mother’s heartless role in their family relations. The innocent and sensitive girl in no time falls very romantically for Anand and things take a turn. Now where Anupama Parameshwaran features is one interesting thing that I am leaving for you guys to watch out for. I think I’ll stop there as it’s better for you guys to go and experience this cinema rather me blurting out everything.

Now, lets hail this beauty for a while :

Reasons to Watch A..Aa

Primarily Trivikram’s story telling

What more can be said about this amazing guy? We know he will never disappoint in getting across his point. In a way he gives you lessons and principles on how to lead a life. It’s not that we do not know what we want, it is just that we all have those confusions twirling in our heads and this guy helps you in finding yourself through his movies. There is no character in the movie you will find unnecessary. A classic example is that deaf guy next to Rao Ramesh. A genius indeed!

Anasuya Herself

Samantha will only surprise you with her classic performance. This will remain one of her best forever. An innocently dumb girl that she is, brought up in the riches has nothing stopping her except her strict and dominating mother. Her performance is of top notch and will make you laugh, smile and even cry along with her.

A matured actor in Nithiin

Trivikram has etched the character of Anand Vihari in a very nice way. He’s got a subtle heroism that every boy next door would have. By far I can say this is Nithiin’s best. He seemed very much into the character and emerged out as a great performer not only with his acting but with his looks as well.

A great supporting cast

Anupama Parameshwaran and Nadiya need a special mention here. They were bang on! Apart from them, Naresh, Rao Ramesh, Praveen, Hari Teja, Ajay, dedication of every character was seen. They worked with great chemistry and have impressed us as a team. There is no point where you would feel like saying ‘enough said’.

A perfect technical team

A special mention to Mickey J Meyer who also provided the BGM and that really added a lot mileage to the movie. Nataraj Subramanyam’s cinematography is truly heart warming. You actually get a feel of the country side sitting in a closed A.C. hall.

Straight from the heart, keep aside all your critical sense and step into the theatre if you want to watch a beautiful next door story. It will seem like a story in your house as we all might have come across such issues with our mamayyas or athayyas. This is just one such simple and beautiful story without any punch dialogues but with Trivikram’s needed dose of entertainment and witty words. If you know Trivikram well and have great expectations from him, keep them high. He is not going to disappoint you for sure!

Go for it!!

A for Adhirindhi.. Aa for Aanandanga Undandi!!

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