These Epic Haircut Failure Scenarios Of Boys In Family Functions Is Freaking Apt & Relatable


Family function undi ani correct ga aa family function unna mundhu rojo or aa family function day naade cutting kottinchi intiki vachi aa cutting lo mimalnni meeru mirror lo chusukoni aa barber ni ‘Na Butta Rey’ ani tittukoni aa family function ki vellakunda feel ayyara? Aithe ee article mee kosame…

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This is why most of the boys never attend family functions..??

(Aithey Enti Meme)


Hari cut 12.

Hari cut 23.

hari cut 34.

hari cut 45.

hari cut 56.

hari cut 57.

hari cut 68.

hari cut 89.

hari cut 810.

hari cut 1011.

hari cut 1112.

hari cut 1213.

hari cut 1314.

Screenshot 20210303 11120215.

Screenshot 20210303 111313Dheenamma ivekkadi comments ra mowa ????