Here Are A Few Things About KTR That Made Him A Leader Of Masses

Here Are A Few Things About KTR That Made Him A Leader Of Masses

Kalvakuntla Taraka Rama Rao – introduction avsaram leni vision unna young and dynamic politician. Politics lo ki raka mundu tandri chatu tanayudu KCR koduku annaru, mari politics loki vacchi MLA aiyyaka KCR koduku MLA aiyyadu annaru, Telangana vacchaka Chief Minister koduku annaru.

TRS party Telangana state vacchaka GOVT form chesi, KTR ki Information Technology (IT), Minister for Panchayat Raj Ministries iccharu. Antha mundu KTR politics lo entha active ga unna ataniki KCR koduku anna stamp ala undipoindi. But IT minister ga charge tiskunna tarvuvatha he made his own impact through different initiatives in Information Technology at the same time Municipal Administration lo changes tho tana mark leadership qualities ela untayo prove cheskunntunnaru.

KTR politician nundi leader of masses ga edigina kramam lo assalu em chesadu enduku people antha own cheskunnaru? common public lo antha following ela vacchindo telusukundam.

1. His educational background, communication skills, and talking power:1 - graduation

Being from a political background, oka political leader son or daughter ki other activities mida interest untayi. But where it comes to KTR he did two postgraduate degrees one is Master of Science in Biotechnology from the University of Pune and Master of Business Administration in Marketing and E-Commerce from City University of New York (CUNY), United States of America. So his education and knowledge is becoming his biggest assets for his political career.

2. Command On IT sector and his new initiatives, and role in that sector is impeccable:2 - it

His Previous experience as IT professional and internship at INTTRA Inc in Newyork lo work chesaru. Aa experience tho ippudu unna IT sector ministry ki indirectly use avthundi. IT entrepreneurs ni encourage cheyadaniki largest start-up incubator T-Hub ni initiate chesaru. He also played major role in partnerships with corporate giants like Apple, Google, Amazon and other companies investment in Hyderabad.

He also met Microsoft CEO, Satya Nadella, and Amazon top brass who assured their continued support to the State’s initiatives in the IT space.

3. His brilliance and efforts in making Hyderabad a smart and Global City:3 - global city

Hyderabad ni Global city ga marchenduku, KTR effective rules and regulations like roped half a billion dollars’ worth of investments in one month alone (May 2015) for Hyderabad.

Musi River development, infrastructure works, including flyovers, expressways and others in the city lantivi special drive tho speedy ga jarigey la 24/7 GHMC Administration tho mingle aiyyi work chesthu Hyderabad Brand kosam work chestunnaru KTR.

4. Multilingual Skills, And His Interaction with media and press addressing issues:4 - press

Multilingual. at a time he can speak fluent English, shift into Telangana Telugu dialect, and Hyderabadi Hindi accent literally gap lekunda oka topic mida continous a matladagalaru. Press meets and International summits, corporate meetings, edainakani KTR gari speech ki WOW analsindey.

5. Role In GHMC elections, and National level significance through his work commitments:5 - ktr ghmc

GHMC elections state wide entha majority unna urban elections anedi chala critical vishayam. Alanti elections ni challenge ga tiskoni morning 6 o clock nundi round the clock campaigns, meetings, lo tana marketing skills and political experience tho GHMC elections win aiyyi born leader ani prove cheskunnadu.

For his dedication and work, CNN IBN Most Inspirational Icon, SKOCH IT Minister of the Year Award, and ivanni pakkana peditey, KTR ni youth ki daggara chesina point twitter. Telangana State lo twitter ni oka administrative Thing ga marchesina credit matram ee young leader ke sontham. With 1.3 Million followers on twitter, he is extremely active in resolving issues in just one tap. Particularly on Sunday’s, he spent more time on twitter, for Q&A with citizens.6 - twitter

Appudu appudu, tana witty tweets tho andarini navvisthu untaru. Ila modern politician ga tana mark administration and ruling cheyadam valle ee roju KTR Leader of the Masses and vision unna administrator ga manchi peru techukunnaru.

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