Our Nation Is Praising The Heroic Feat Of Kerala’s Ambulance Driver Who Saved A 15 Day Old Infant

Mana India lo 10% of deaths only medical emergency and in time lo treatment andaka povadam valla jarguthunayi anedi last year oka survey cheppina harsh truth. Road mida velthunte venakala ambulance ki dari ivvala anna minimum common sense undani mana India lo ilanti scenes common eh kani ade oka 15 days baby ki urgent ga heart valve surgery avasaram padithe, paiga tanu 500 kms travel chesi tana pranalnu kapadukovalsis vasthe….????

Kerala Ambulance Driver Hasan

Ayya idi jarige pani eh antara? Kerala nundi 12 districts, 500 Kms, travel chesi in time lo oka 15 days old baby ni save cheyali. Ilanti time lo elanti professional driver aina ammo kaani pani ani chethulu ettestaru.

Kani, Kerala Ambulance driver Hassan who took it as a challenge and wanted to save the infant’s life at any cost. He Immediately with the support of a hospital in Kochi, Hassan ‘Child Protect Team’ ane NGO help tho baby ki jargalsina heart valve surgery gurinchi cheppadu.

With the help of ‘Child Protect Team’ Hassan rode 500 Kms in just 5 hours & reached Mangaluru hospital.

Kerala Ambulance Driver Hasan

‘ Why Ambulance & Why not Airlift’ ane doubt meeku vacche untadi. But th baby is just 15 days old and airlift is not possible due to the risk of breathing and pressure variation for the baby. So ‘Child Protect Team’ came up with an idea of Facebook live stream and coordinated with traffic cops in both Kerala and Karnataka state governments to avoid traffic on the road way.

Ala ee NGO help tho correct ga coordinate chesthu Hassan tana Ambulance (bearing the license plate KL 60 J 7739) lo baby and her parents Saniya and Mitha, a couple from Kasargode and medical staff tho journey start chesadu.

Live stream by NGO was shared by 8000 users:

Ee Ambulance operation Live streaming ni NGO vallu tama FB page (Child Team Kerala) lo share chesaru. Ee live streaming ni follow aina people ee post ni share chesthu traffic updates icharu. Ila ee live streaming 8000+ shares paddayi and Hassan ki prathi daggara road clear avadam tho 5 hours lo 12 districts and 500+ kms travel chesi in-time Mangaluru lo unna hospital ki reach aiyyyaru.

Child Protect Team Kerala

Hassan A Life Saviour did this for the second time.

Hassan ee ambulance driver ila life save cheyadam first time kadu. December 10, 2017 lo kuda Hassan took a cancer patient from Mangalapuram hospital to Thiruvananthapuram RCC which is a 14 hours journey & he completed it in just 8 hours, 4 minutes & saved the patient’s life.

Kerala Ambulance Driver Hasan
“So we may call Hassan a life saviour, more than a doctor for all the right reasons”

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