10 Home Remedies for Acidity


Due to increase in working hours and food sectors in our localities, we have been constant victims to acidity and it is one of the most problematic things that can occur to us. It is the reason behind many other health problems too. it is really important for us to follow a healthy food schedule. But is sometimes becomes necessary for us to have junk food. Hence, we definitely follow prey to acidity. Here are a few home remedies that help us with it and are definitely much better than medication.

1. Eat raw Tulasi Leaves or boil them in water and sip it. do this as a daily routine.1.Home Remedies for Acidity
2. Saunf helps the digestive tract be healthy and happy.2.Home Remedies for Acidity
3. Dalchina Chekka (Cinammon) works as a natural antacid and can settle your stomach, by improving digestion and absorption. Cinnamon tea is one such dish we can make very easily and consume.3.Home Remedies for Acidity
4. Buttermilk either plain or Coriander leaves or a dash or black pepper or jeera powder can be extremely helpful to reduce acidity in stomach.4.Home Remedies for Acidity
5. Lavangam (Cloves) prevent the formation of gas.5.Home Remedies for Acidity
6. Allam (Ginger) in tea or raw or in water improves digestion and hence reduces acidity.6.Home Remedies for Acidity
7. Jeera works as a great acid neutralizer in our stomachs and hence we should include it in our every day diet.7.Home Remedies for Acidity
8. Eating raw almonds also helps us.8.Home Remedies for Acidity
9. Have ‘luke warm water+lemon+honey’ every morning on an empty stomach. The body can naturally balance out its acid levels.9.Home Remedies for Acidity
10. Eat apples very frequently.10.Home Remedies for Acidity