How To Prepare Homemade Fried Potatoes


Vegetarians ana Non- Vegetarians ana Potatoes are everyone’s go for it dish, Snack item lo ayithey potatoes tho various varieties cheyochu. This recipe chala easy, tasty and also takva time lo cheyochu .potatoesIngredients needed for Home-fried Potatoes : potatoes– Butter
– Cooked potatoes, thickly sliced
– Salt
– Pepper
– Chat masala
– Coriander and mint leaves to garnish
– Tomato sauce
Preparation Method of Home-fried Potatoes :potatoesLarge pan ni heat chesi, butter eyandi, Boil chesina potatoes ni thick slices ga cut chesi, heated pan lo eyandi .let it fry for 10 mins,adi crispy brown ayaka add salt, pepper and chat masala to it.potatoesCoriander and mint leaves tho garnish cheyandi, tomato sauce lo dip cheskoni tinandi.
The very tasty home fried potatoes ready.