Here Are Some Health Benefits Of Coconut Water


Summers anagane andhariki coconut water gurthosthundhi. Taste inka hydration eh kaaka coconut water lo chala benefits untaayi which makes it the best drink to have.

1.Lowers blood pressurecoconut waterCoconut water lo vitamin C, potassium and magnesium content ekkuva undadam valla, it controls high blood pressure. High blood pressure ni control cheyadaaniki 1 glass of coconut water 2 times a day thaagandi.

2.Rehydrates the bodycoconut waterSummers lo nothing can beat the heat better than coconut water. Coconut water lo unna electrolyte composition valla it rehydrates the body during dehydration due to diarrhea, excessive sweating or vomiting.

3.Relieves hangovercoconut waterThaagina next day horrible hangover untundhi. Coconut water lo unna antioxidants help us to get rid of hangovers.

4.Treats headachescoconut waterMostly, headaches inka migraines dehydration vallane ayithaayi. Coconut water body ki electrolytes supply cheyadam tho body hydrate avuthundhi. Migraines unna vaala body lo magnesium thakkuva untundhi, coconut water lo unna magnesium helps give relief.

5.Helps in weight losscoconut waterCoconut water lo unna bio active enzymes stimulate fat metabolism that makes coconut water an ideal weight loss drink. Week lo 3-4 times 8-ounce glass of coconut water mee weight reduction lo help chesthundhi.