An IAS Officer’s Social Media Campaign Is Bringing Changes To The Locals For A Better Society

Last some decades India lo eppudu leni vidhanga Kerala lo floods vachayi. Ee monstrous floods destroy and demolished from houses to streets and n number of humans lives, animals like pet dogs, cows ila ee floods Infrastructure, human beings, streets houses, farms caused huge damage of approximate worth Rs 40,000 crore.

IAS Officer's Social Media Campaign

At that time floods nundi people ni save cheyadaniki mana Vijayawada abbayi ‘Krishna Teja Mylavarapu’ who’s a sub collector for Alappuzha, aa state Finance Minister Thomas Isaac tho kalisi chesina biggest rescue operation ‘Operation Kuttanad’ led chesi nearly 2 lakh people ni save chesaru.

Ala ee rescue operation images and messages social media dwara viral avadam further ga adi inka endarino save cheyadaniki use avadam tho social media ki unna impact ento ardam aindi Krishna Teja ki.

IAS Officer's Social Media Campaign

Then this young officer decided to start a social media campaign to help Alleppey people.

So, idea vachinde late facebook lo ‘I am for Alleppey’ ane social media campaign okati start chesi flood hit chesina Alleppey ki needful undataniki ga sponsors and donors kosam share cheyadam start chesadu. And within no time after so many came forward to help people of Alleppey.

IAS Officer's Social Media Campaign

Allu Arjun and Rajeev Kanakala came forward to support this initiate.

IAS Officer's Social Media Campaign

September 14th roju start aina ee campaign, Krishna Teja share tana FB profile lo share chesina short time lone Kerala lo untunna oka woman responded and agreed to adopt a primary health centre in Kuttanad. And also mana tollywood actor Rajeev Kanakala also came forward to support this initiate and campaign who donated 8 Lakhs for this campaign.

And Stylish Star ‘Allu Arjun’, also came forward and adopted and undertaken the restoration of 10 Anganwadis at Alappuzha through ‘I am For Alleppey’ campaign.

Achievements of this social media campaign:

1. Through this campaign Almost 40,000 school childrens ki stationery requirement like notebooks, geometry boxes, water bottles and school bags icharu.

IAS Officer's Social Media Campaign

2. 10 schools as well as 50 anganwadis adopted by different people and upgraded so far.

3. Donated pregnant cows and livestocks to farmers who lost in floods. Out of 120 requests, 70 families ki cow and other livestock animals ni donate chesaru with th help and goodwill of individuals as well as organisations.

IAS Officer's Social Media Campaign

4. Along with this donations this campaign also donated packs of cattle feed for a month and 150 donations of goats.

IAS Officer's Social Media Campaign

Present 96,000+ followers unna ee social media campaign tho, social media ante only cinema hero la fan wars ea kadu ila oka manchi cause kosam kuda use avtundi antu prove chesadu mana young and dynamic telugu officer Krishna Teja IAS.

IAS Officer's Social Media Campaign

If you’re interested please visit this page and do support this campaign.

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