If Disney Princes Were Indian Dudes, This Is How They Would Deal With Our Issues


A Fairy Tale always puts a smile on a girl’s face – no matter what age she is. Disney has over the years produced many Prince and Princess Tales. The Prince in all of these stories have been real charmers. We list 10 Disney Princes we wish would come to life:

He's shirtless all the time...holy shit, Alladin is Salman Khan!!
He’s shirtless all the time…holy shit, Alladin is Salman Khan!!

1. Aladdin:

Photo credits: www.disneyandmovies-pbworks-com

Aladdin is a prince by marriage. He married Princess Jasmine. He is charming, loyal and handsome. This is what made Princess Jasmine and all the girls fall in love with him. We wish there was a real life Aladdin with Abu and the carpet. It would be an adventure beating the Mumbai traffic on the carpet to meet his lady love!

2. The Prince:

I kissed a girl in her sleep. But in fairy tales, that's romantic. Not creepy!
I kissed a girl in her sleep. But in fairy tales, that’s romantic. Not creepy!

Picture Credits: blanchardgroupconsulting.wordpress.com

The Prince is also known as Prince Florian. He wooed Snow White in Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. He is funny and passionate. Snow White was poisoned by her stepmother and Prince Florian awakened her with a kiss and they eloped. This is what a girl wants – a man to rescue her from enemies like Mogambo or Crime Master Gogo. 😀

3. Prince Charming:

No harm. Only charm.
No harm. Only charm.

Picture credits: theartofilm.blogspot.com

Prince Henry, better known as Prince Charming, is the love interest of Cinderella. The story of Cinderella’s stepmother is famous and so is the story of Prince Henry finding Cinderella’s glass shoe. Prince Charming is spontaneous, good looking and smart. We wish this prince charming comes to life and romances the new Bollywood actresses on screen.

4. Prince Phillip:

Philip. Philip naam hai mera...
Philip. Philip naam hai mera…

Picture credits: www.Polyvore.com

Prince Phillp is Princess Aurora’s love interest in Disney’s Sleeping Beauty. He has been raised in a forest and this makes him strong and level-headed. I wish he comes to life, as a strong and level-headed man in today’s age has become a dream. He could be the well-groomed politician that India has been missing for ages.

5. Captain John Smith:

Captain John Smith
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Pocahonta falls in love with the tall and handsome Captain John Smith in the Disney fairy tale – Pocahontas. He is everything a girl wants in her soulmate – handsome, well respected and an adventurous prince. He was an explorer and we hope he would explore the secret to a woman’s heart & let the formula out in the open for all the Indian boys out there. Oh God, Please bring him back to life!

6. Flynn Rider:

Flynn Rider
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His real name is Eugene Fitzherbert. He is the Prince in Disney’s animated love story Tangled. At first he finds Rapunzel a nuisance but soon falls head over heels in love with her. The witty and handsome prince is sure to win any real life queen’s heart away. He is a bad guy at first, who has a change of heart after meeting Rapunzel. Don’t we all love bad guys and even more the ones who change for love!

7. Prince Hans:

Prince Hans

Prince Hans is the evil Prince in Frozen. You wonder why we want an evil prince to come to life. Because he is not your usual villain. He is adorable yet evil. Prince Hans is someone you want to hate but simply cannot. He is Gabbar at times but sings an occasional song going around the tree with his love.

8. Prince Eric:

Prince Eric
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The Little Mermaid introduced the world to Prince Eric. If he has managed to capture the heart of a mermaid, I am sure he deserves to be bought to life and given a chance to woo the heavenly girls. His well chiselled body can give all the Bollywood hunks a run for their money and a part of their fan base.

9. Prince Naveen:

Prince Naveen

Photo Credits: www.tvtropes.org

Prince Naveen is the tall, dark and handsome guy among the Disney Princes. He is the Prince in The Princess and the Frog. He is a total playboy and the girls are crazy about him. Wouldn’t we want a prince to charm us ladies? May be a stint on Splitsvilla would be a perfect launch for him in this real world.

10. Prince Kristoff:

Prince Kristoff
Picture Credit: www.disney.wikia.com

Prince Kristoff is the hero of Disney movie Frozen. He is short, stout and so cute. He is funny and all we girls need a guy who can make us laugh and put a smile on our face. Prince Kristoff resembles the evergreen comedy king Govinda from Bollywood.

It’s sad that we have only one cartoon prince in India. And he’s Chhota Bheem !!