If Telugu Directors taught your Engineering Subjects


All through college sitting in the classrooms, while listening to our lecturers, our minds start to go into a world of imagination. There would be some subjects which you struggle to read, some which you hardly give a damn about, but clear somehow. And there would be some subjects which we sit through, just because the lecturer is hot or attractive.

Not knowing what to do with these following common subjects, we have tried to match them with our own Telugu Cinema directors for the style and format they carry in common.

Here is our list of subjects that Telugu film directors would teach, if they had chosen ‘College Lecturer’ as their desired profession in life!

MATHEMATICS 1: ‘Thank you, Puri Jagannadh!’


Every six months, we keep attempting this one and fail successfully. Even if we think we cracked Maths-1 this time, somehow it ends up being our back log, sometimes till the 4th year. BUT, in case this is cleared, there is some immense celebration within us and our friends. A similar one to Puri Jaganadh who keeps coming out with a movie every six months, but when he bangs it, he bangs it hard!!

DRAWING: Story-Design-Sets – Gunashekar


We know this requires a lot of imagination and creativity to be put in with clarity. When one lacks it, it is a repeated cassette. Don’t lose spirit, it’s just a back log. Next attempt, greater spirit of imagination. Just like Gunashekar! His films use huge sets, but unfortunately, when the film is released, it is a Back Log at the Box Office!

ENGLISH: ‘I can dance. Hence I can direct a movie’ – Laaarence


Baring thos collges whch hav sum hot lecturr fr Englsh, da rest hrdly giv a flyng fak, for da subjct, or da xam. Attmptng it 1ce itslf z mre dan enuf. Lyk a Lawrence pikchaar.

MECHANICS: Brains – Sukumar


This definitely requires some creativity and brains to perceive the concepts involved. It is complex to some extent, but if understood it is fun. Total fun! Just like a Sukumar film.

WORKSHOP: A Srinu Vaitla entertainer!

5Srinu Vaitla

This is more of a game. One can go with a relaxed mind, play around, have fun, have some more fun and in between write the exam and come out swinging your hands like you have been kissed without asking by your class beauty. A similar state of mind we have when watching a Srinu Vaitla film.

C C++ : Story, Camera Angles, Hero’s Goggles – Meher Ramesh

Meher Ramesh

If you did not get the description given to Meher Ramesh, you are on the right track with this subject because that is exactly this subject. Preparation of the subject is one. The actual concept is another thing. Presentation of that concept is exactly opposite to what was previously done. Ultimately the result is totally a bouncer.

You have no clue of what is happening with this subject of yours. Similar to what happens when you sit in a hall to watch a Meher Ramesh film.

So that was our list.

Do you have any subjects that make you feel like you’re watching a film by a director? Let us know in the Comments section below!

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