10 Images That Strike Your Mind When You Think Of Tamil Nadu


Tamil Nadu, a place where 78 million hearts care for each other. A state that is synonym for culture, tradition and values. Well, here is a small mind game. Close your eyes and think of the word “Tamil Nadu”. What are the pictures that flashed in your mind? Wait, in the mean time why don’t you read our minds. 😀

So, here are the 10 images that we picture in mind when we think of Tamil Nadu. Check it out !
1. Super Star Rajinikanth — First Image that comes in everyone’s mind.

rajinikanth 2. Chennai — Seriously!! It’s not the only city or only place to visit.


3. Beaches — You just can’t count how many we have.


4. Temples — you will find this wherever you go in Tamil Nadu.


5. Culture — Its the first best thing they’ve got.


6. Universities  — People from all parts of the world come here to study.


7. Jayalalitha — Who doesn’t know Amma ?


8. Kanchipuram Silks — Don’t forget to take one from here. Because, you cant get it anywhere else.


9. Hot Climate — They say it hot, Really !! We too have monsoons.


10. Chettinad Cuisine — From a perfect south Indian meal to the spicy Chettinad chicken.


If these didn’t strike your mind, tell us in the comments on what is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of Tamil Nadu.

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