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9 Foods that are bad for your health

Junk food mana kalla mundhu untey dhani ignore cheyalem. Pakka one spoon , two spoons or one byte or two bytes ani moham finish...

Night thinakoodani food

Night baga nidra pothe Day motham utsahangaa panichestham. andhuke nidra sarigga pattalante konni food ki doorangaa undali. avi yemitante... Orange JuiceDinner tharwatha fruits thine alavatu...

Different Types Of Pizza Eaters

When hunger pangs tickle you and when you run out of energy to cook food, the first thing that strikes the mind is to...

Things only a pizza lover will understand

Raise your hand if you love pizza! Hands count cheyyaniki kuda dare cheyyodhu. Ila chaala mandi ki pizza is just your life and evaraina...

Have You Ever Wondered How Many Calories These Junk Foods Actually Contain..!!

Ever wondered how much those weekend indulgence foods actually cost your health. Well they are calories galore and we've got the figures for your perusal.

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