Kitchen and food hacks


From morning to night we keep struggling to serve varieties of food to family and friends. In the process of not losing time and struggling among leaves and masala racks, there are certain things that we can put in our minds to make things look simpler.

1. Refrigerate PoorispooriMake round cute pooris and refrigerate them 5-10 minutes before frying so that them bloat properly without taking in too much oil.

2. Chapathi that are woogly wooglychapathiIf the chapathi dough is kneeled with some milk, the chapathis come out as soft as they appear at restaurants.

3. Neutralise salt in foodneutralise-saltDid u add some extra salt in the food and now tensed to get it right?? Add a few spoons of milk and it will neutralise the extra salt.

4. Save your milksave-your-milkIf you have got a day or two days old milk in the refrigerator and forgot to put it on boil, just add some baking soda before boiling it so that it is not left to get spoilt

5. Looks goooodlooks-goooodAdd a pinch of sugar to the oil to give your veggies a rich look!

6. The halwa trickthe-halwa-trickAdd 1 tbsp of besan flour to sooji ka halwa while cooking. This will enhance the flavour and colour of the sweet dish.

7. Onions over biryani.. yum!!onions-over-biryaniCaramalising onions takes a lot of time. But makes some dishes even more tasty. Add a pinch of baking soda to the onions to speed up the caramalisation process.

8. Watch over milkwatch-over-milkIf you have put milk on stove for a boil and have the leave the place for a minute or two, place a wooden spoon over the utensil to prevent over flowing of milk.

9. Storing onionsstoring-onionsHyderabad has a great history in pricing of onions. So sometimes people tend to buy a lot of them and forget storing and using them for a long period of time. To do that, wrap each onion separately in a newspapers and store them in a cool and dry place.

10. Potato and onion are enemiespotato-and-onionNever store potatoes and onions together as potatoes might tend to get rot sooner.

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