What’s Your Body Shape? Know What Style Suits You Best!!


By Ankita Agarwal

The whole of the world has got a distinct name, skin or hair. In the same way, everyone has a peculiar body shape and it is valuable that every person should be wise enough for their body type. Estrogens have a momentous on a feminine’s body shape. Over and above, estrogens advance the development of female sexual parts, such as breasts and hips.

So, do you know your body shape? No? Don’t worry, we are here to help you out. Let’s check in.

Diamond Body shape


Your hips are slightly broader than your bust and shoulders. You will tend to gain more weight in bust, hips and thighs. You have thinner arms and calves. All you need to do is to highlight your arms in order to distract the attention from the heavy portion of the body.

Style Tip: Wear the top which have V-neckline or U-neckline and it should fall behind your hips. Your bottoms should be straight and narrow. You can choose pants and skirt.

Triangle Body Shape


Triangle body shape is generally known as pear body type. Your hips are larger than your bust. You have a slim waistline and you tend to gain more weight in the hip area. So you need to wear dresses which will highlight your waist.

Style Tip: You can wear tailored shirt and jackets and dark color would be more preferable. Your bottoms should include A-line skirt.

Hourglass Body Shape


The name says it all. This body shape is curvy in all the right places: bust and booty. It is the dream figure for every woman. The hourglass figure can be clearly seen in sculptures or paintings.

Style Tip:  You need to embrace your curves. So avoid wearing loose clothes. You could choose to wear belts around your waist.

Ruler Body Shape


It is commonly called as straight or rectangular body shape. You have an almost same size of bust and hips. You don’t have a defined waistline.

Style Tip: You can choose boat shape neckline tops or off the shoulder tops and for the bottoms you can wear cargo or safari pants or bubble skirts can also be a great choice.

Circle Body Shape


Generally called apples, women with a circle body shape have smaller shoulders and hips. They also tend to have slender legs and a slim booty. The fat tends to increase at the middle portion of the body. You don’t have to draw attention towards your waist.

Style Tip: You have to wear a long top that ends the widest part of your stomach and or bottoms you could wear tunics as it is loose and covers the back portion.

It is important to know your body type. You can wear those outfits which are exclusively made for your body type, which makes you look entirely beautiful and gorgeous. So, check out your body type and try those stunning outfits that will make you look beautiful.