Low Budget Foreign Vacation Trips!


We all wish to go for a long vacation at least once a year. Foreign tours anagane manaki first mind loki vachedi, America, Europe, Australia ilantivi. Kani ivi manaki chala dooram and costly kooda. Anta afford cheyali ante andariki vilu kadu. Around our india there are many wonderful holiday destinations and they are pocket friendly too! General ga October- January are the best times to plan travels. So let’s see the top cheap and best foreign vacation spots which are around 30k (per person including air fares) for a stay of 5 days. Munde plan cheskoni air tickets book cheskunte, much in advance, chala money save cheyochu.

1. Nepal1 - nepal
Our immediate Neighbor! Nepal boasts of high snowy mountains and pious spirituality. The famous Pasupathinath temple ikade undi. Entho prasanthanga, a hadavidi lekunda chala peaceful ga untundi visit! Trekking ki enno options untai ikada. Indians ki visa kuda avasaram ledu.

2. Bhutan2 - bhutan
Beautiful and Scenic country. Chala clean and organized ga untundi ikada antha. Valley view points and monasteries chalane untai. Mana pakkane unai kada epudina chudochu ani ignore chestam, kani ala delay avtu potai. This is a place worth visiting. So mi travel list lo top lo include this place also. Ikkadiki velladaniki kuda Visa avasaram ledu.

3. Sri Lanka3 - srilanka
Sri Lanka is a country with great history, culture and diversity! It has diverse landscape, amazing lifestyle and rich wildlife. Ikada beaches a kadu temples kuda chala famous. Colombo lo there is a huge open market! Akada dorakani item antu ledu! Bargaining full ga cheskovachu! Manaki entho daggaralo unna e pradeshanni asalu miss avakandi. You will get great sea food here. Pure Ceylon tea is considered some of the finest tea produced anywhere in the world.

4. Thailand4 - thailand
If you want to get soaked in the sun-kissed beaches with white sands, blue waters and coral reefs…this is the right place for you! Snorkeling and Scuba diving ante interest unna vallu chala time spend cheyochu ikada. This place too has amazing temples and historic places. Do visit the floating markets. After a busy day of sightseeing, to relax your body and mind get a massage done! Thailand is very famous for spas and massages. Visa is given on arrival.

5. Singapore5 - singapore
A very popular tourist attraction. It is a country that celebrates colorful culture. Baga tinochu, tagochu, tiragochu! It is a blend of variety of things! Another best place for shopping freaks! Akadiki velte underwater world asal miss avakandi. Enno movies lo chusi untam water madyalo oka tunnel lo veltu aqatic animals ni chudadam!

6. Dubai6 - dubai
Shopping ki the best inka! Desert madyalo oka well developed place. Aa heat ni tattukovadaniki everything is air conditioned! Gold ki dates ki very famous! World’s tallest skyscraper ‘Burj Kalifa’ undi ikkade!

7. Indonesia7 - indonesia
Greenery all around. It is a beautiful island rich in flora. This place is also very famous for spas. Blue-green seas provide you a perfect spot to laze around and relax! Sea food chala baguntundi ikada. Visa is on arrival.

8. Malaysia8 - malaysia
There is so much to do here! Visiting colonial architecture, walking through refreshing rain forests, and it has superb shopping malls. Chala movie shootings jarugutu unati ikada.

9. Hong Kong9 - hong kong
This place is always bustling with light and energy. Help yourself to some yummy dim-sums and take a walk on the streets to view the pretty architecture.