Check Out This Mahatalli’s Take On Shopping, You Will Connect Instantly!!


One reason your girlfriend or sister look so beautiful is because of the outfit they wear. And those outfits don’t fall from the sky. They Shop!! Shopping is one thing any girl loves to do. By default, it’s a girl’s hobby. There are no regrets when a girl says she wants to shop. And unlike most of the guys think, it is definitely not an easy task as buying a pant or shirt. The nature of a girl is to try out whatever suits her the best. End of the day, it is for us to see them all clad and this shopping is the struggle they go through.

Mahatalli here takes you through all those glitches and hiccups one faces while shopping. The irony here is when the girls went out to shoot for this episode, they actually ended up shopping alot and it was our cinematographer Jones who actually ended up being on the receiving end while the girls shopped.

So, you see there, even while shooting they couldn’t let go of it!! Please share your valuable comments of encouragement here for these girls who have been working all through the week to keep us entertained.