Have You Ever Wondered Why We Indians Honk? These 5 Reasons Will Make You LOL!!


By Aarti Patil

Honking without a pause, yes we’ve all done it..!

Honking is more than just a habit for all of us. Honking and driving seem to be synonymous when you are especially on Indian roads. Most of us honk our horns without a pause. Contrary to the horn-use standards in rest of the world, honking while driving on Indian roads is a means of venting out stress and emotions. Some people assume that the more you honk the more “safe driver” you are. Nevertheless, some honk just for the heck of it.

Moreover, ‘Horn OK please’ is a phrase commonly painted on commercial vehicles like trucks, buses or local taxis in India. Not any more we guess, because the Government is finally making attempts to educate people on noise pollution.


And mostly the reason we honk so ridiculously is actually funny. We honk because :

  • According to us, the person ahead of us won’t move unless we Honk.
  • We are just too bored waiting at the traffic signals, therefore we Honk.
  • Noise Pollution, YEAH! That’s a therapy, Honk …Honk..!!
  • It gives us great joy to honk, until the person ahead us gives us that “Killer Look.”
  • We are all musicians, honking along the tune of our favourite song on the radio.

What we know so far….

Offence may attract fine of Rs 500 for first offence

Installing air-horns can attract penalty of Rs 5000