5 Malayalam Movies Based on True Stories That You Shouldn’t Miss Watching


The film writers and directors are always looking for inspiration which they can then incorporate into films. However, there have been many instances in which real life events have stuck a cord with them, thus propelling them to make this into a movie.

Though Mollywood is known for its original storylines, a few directors have made movies that have been based on true life events.

Want to know which these films are? Take a look.

Ennu Ninte Moideen

Ennu Ninte Moideen

Based in the village of Mukkam, near Kozhikode in Kerala, this is the story of Kanchanamala and Moideen who fell and remained in love with each other in spite of religious differences and family pressures. Their relationship spanned over more than a decade with Kanchana being under house arrest and Moideen trying hard to catch a glimpse of her. Their relation came to a tragic end when Moideen was killed in a boat accident. Kanchanamala still lives on with her memories of her love in Mukkam.

This story was adapted into the movie, Ennu Ninte Moideen by director RS Vimal and starred Prithiviraj and Parvathy in the lead roles. The film was highly applauded by the Malayalam audience and won many awards including the Kerala State Award for the Best Actor and Best Actress.



JC Daniel is known as the Father of Malayalam Cinema as he was the first man to make a motion picture in the language. However, his contribution to the industry went literally unnoticed and compelled him to lead a simple and obscure life.

However, with this film, director Kamal pays a well deserved tribute the great man. With Prithviraj playing the lead role, the film also had Mamta Mohandas, Chandni, Sreenivasan and Nedumudi Venu. The movie going audience loved the film and it went on to be a superhit.

Paleri Manikyam: Oru Pathira Kolapathakathinte Katha

Paleri ManikyamOru Pathira Kolapathakathinte Katha

This film portrays the first ever case of  harassment and murder of a young woman in Kerala. Set in a small village called Paleri, the victim was Thiyya woman whose murder remained a mystery for more than 50 years.

Mythili played the role of the victim and Mammootty was the main actor in the film. Shwetha Menon, Sreenivasan, Siddique and Gowri Munjal also played integral roles in the movie. A suspense thriller, the audience loved the film.

Crime File


The highly sensational Abhaya Murder case which made screaming headlines in all leading newspapers was one which showed the convents in a bad light. However, with the culprits having been brought to justice, the case has long been closed.

Crime File was based on this case and deals with the murder investigation of the murder of a nun in her convent. Suresh Gopi played the role of the lead investigative officer and Sangita played the role of the victim. Vijayaraghavan, Rajan P. Dev, Janardhanan, Siddque and Kalabhavan Mani also played important roles in the movie.

Venal Odungathae

Venal Odungathae

A rather unusual storyline for a film, this was based on the life of a couple hailing for Ernakulam who lost their only son. They went on to fight the authorities for the semen of their son in order to try for a surrogate child to replace their son.

This heartbreaking story mesmerized director Sanjeev Sivan and he went on to adapt it into a Malayalam film. Starring Salim Kumar and Seema Biswas in lead roles, the film touched the audience heart and was well accepted.

When real life meets reel life, magic happens. At least this is what these movie adaptations of true events prove.