Meet Jayanthi Sampathkumar : A 45 Year Old Woman Who Runs Marathons Wearing A Saree

India, world lone most of the handloom weavers unna country manadi. Kani em labam western culture and western wear mojulo padda mana vallaki ee handloom wear ante abbe aa clothes ela vesukuntam ani oka chinna chupu. ‘Gandhi ji’ time nundi ippudu unna Governments ee handloom wear and clothes mida awareness programmes chestune unnaru.

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Government, Social service bodies, some celebrities from our tollywood chala mandi handloom meedha awareness cheyadam manamantha chustune unnam. Villa andarila tanu kuda public ki handloom mida awareness create cheyali anukundi Mrs.Jayanthi Sampathkumar.

Ala ani ime edo handloom weaver oo leka, handloom background unna family nundi vacharemo ante kadu. 45 years Jayanthi garu Hyderabad Microsoft company lo IT Manager ga work chestunaru. Jayanthi gariki handloom sarees anna handloom wear anna chala istam. Tanu handloom wear vesukovadame kadu other people ki handloom mida awareness create cheyali anukunnaru.

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She chose unconventional idea to promote handloom wear and awareness in people.

2016, January where it all started she started and trained herself to participate in marathons in city. Then in August 2016 lo oka marathon lo participate chesina Jayanthi garu aa marathon lo half marathon complete chesaru. Again 2017 January Chennai lo jarigina 42.2 kilometres marathon ni 5 hours and 28 minutes lo complete chesi andarini ascharya paricharu.

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After this marathons, She chose unconventional idea of attempt marathon in saree. Initial ga saree tho marathons lo parigethadam start chesina few times kinda paddaru. Then she tried saree in Maharashtrian style and then Tamil Madisar style worked out after so many troubles.

4 - jayanthi

Then she participated in Guinness ‘Fastest marathon dressed in a sari’ marathon in 2017. Where she completed marathon in 4 hrs 57 min 44 sec, within a target time of 5 hours. And interesting thing enti ante only saree ea kadu she participate in alla marathons without shoes and does run by simply wearing some leather chappals or sandals instead.

5 - jayanthi

If someone ask Jayanthi what is this all for she simply smiles and replies that ‘I wanted to promote the idea that you can do anything you want, no matter what you wear, and i run for my personal ambition and to create handloom awareness’ she says.

6 - jayanthi

Moral: “Anything is possible if we do things with our heart and soul, especially when it is for a cause.

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