Meet the young women entrepreneurs of Hyderabad


Manam everyday paper or TV lo chustune untam, adavallu anni fields ni rule chestunaru and especially business. Okapudu vallem chyagalaru anukunaru, but now they are leading. Family and career ni balance cheyagalamu ani ipatike chala women prove chesaru. Now, joining the bandwagon, check out the list of young women entrepreneurs from Hyderabad who are making big in business with their achievements.

1. Vaishali Neotiaentrepreneurs

Hasan Ali Khan tho kalisi Vaishali founded Merxius ane company, which is into augmented and virtual reality and web technology. Idi IET dwara top 5 innovators lo okatiga ranking ivvabadindi and Vaishali selected as one of the most talented women across the world by US State Department and Fortune. Recently, they introduced the RED tool, which at present being tested by Indian Armed Forces.

2. Mansi Gandhientrepreneurs

DoctorC ani oke online diagnostic service provider ni e world ki introduce chesaru Mansi. Tanato patu inka kontamandi top most doctors tho she is running this portal. Usually, hotels gurinchi, electronic gadgets best deals kosam manam chala sites chusam, but this platform is to know about the best diagnostic deals in the city.

3. Anu Acharyaentrepreneurs

Anu Acharya won the Women Ahead award at Jio Electronic Times Startup Awards 2015 for her molecular diagnostics company Mapmygenome. Oka person genetics dwara tanani ela find out cheyochu anede e company. They want to map around 100 million individuals by 2030 and it is their target. Denivalla asalu genetics gurinchi janalu inka telusukuni and manchi healthy life tho undalani her wish.

4. Sindhura Borraentrepreneurs

Body detox gurinchi, how to maintain health gurinchi CleanseHigh ane oke revolution ni start chesaru. It was founded in 2013 and every fitness enthusiast is well aware of this CleanseHigh. It turned into a most successful one in Hyderabad.

5. Monika Misraentrepreneurs

Ikeva is the name of the workspace provider that founded by Monika. Dentlo membership ayinavalaki chala benefits untayi and at affordable prices, people can get office spaces for rent. Ikeva has expanded from a single location at Hyderabad to locations present in Bangalore, Chennai, Mumbai and Gurgaon among a handful of other places.

6. Arpita Somaentrepreneurs

YoGrad which is one of the top 5 internship sites in the country that founded by Arpita Soma. It is a platform for students, who can learn and share information. So far, e site dwara more than 5000 students benefit ayaru and got internships. She won Startups Heroes contest by TIE Hyderabad in the year 2015.

7. Damini Mahajan7 - Damini Mahajan

She co-founded an online platform for students, who are interested in studying abroad. Vellaki, course selection, guidance degara nundi, funding gurinchi details and education loans gurinchi anta information e site lo dorikidi. The specialists will interact with students and clear all their doubts. She won Silicon Valley Challenge by Action for India 2016.

8. Vani Kola8 - Vani Kola

Kalaari capital is nothing but an investment company, that funded so far more than 50 tech firms across India. She won 2015 Economic Times Midas Touch award for identifying many young entrepreneurs and made them successful. She also has tieups with e-commerce leading companies like Myntra, Snapdeal, and Urban Ladder.