Sikkim Diaries by Adwhyta


If you are a traveller then meeru andharu ee Youtube channel ni definte ga chudali. From driving on tipsy turvy roads to magnificent views, He has covered them all. Adwhyta ani oka youtube channel, a new travel series chesaru, a trip to Sikkim. A Great escape ani two episodes release ayayi. MSN Karthik tana Experience mana tho ee video tho share chesaru.sikkimTana journey between the most beautiful Himalayan states of India, Sikkim ni manaki amazing cinematography tho chupincharu.sikkim

Episode lo manaki his travel story from New Delhi, Gangtok to Lachung chupincharu.Sikkim ki travel chesthe, manam chudalsina place nundi, manaki oche difficulties varaku anni ee videos lo chupincharu.

Sikkim travel cheyadaniki roads manchiga undavu, you have to be very careful and travelling in a car is better than travelling for 21 hours in a train.sikkimTwo episodes lo Sikkim motham crazy ga chupincharu, stay tuned to this channel !!