Model Loses 5000 Followers After She Posted Realistic, Unflattering Pics Of Hers..!!


Haven’t our jaws dropped on seeing cat walking models on the ramp? Pretty impressive sight it is!

Their near-perfect body shape keeps us wondering about their dietary habits and work out schedules. Many of us in our teenage have aspired to become one; and that aspiration dies out as we grow old. However the desire to attain that body shape remains ablaze secretly inside our heart.

We credit models for their perfect bodies, their stylish walk, their donning of even queer-looking dresses with style and we can’t help going gaga over them. However, there is one model who is brave enough to post her honest, non-flattering pictures on Instagram giving out message loud and clear: even models are not perfect.

Stina Sanders, a twenty four years old British model, took upon herself to do a social experiment in order to break the stigma around perfect bodies. She shocked her followers by posting honest, unflattering, makeup free photos on Instagram which resulted in loss of 5000 followers for her. But she remains undeterred. The experiment is over but she continues to post her honest, unflattering pictures on her Instagram page.

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In an interview with The Independent, she says, “The stigma of being a model makes a lot of people stand on their back foot with you, I like to think I’ve challenged that stigma and shown that no-one, including models, is perfect, nor do models think that they are.” Sanders believes that people should accept their bodies for how it is. We all are different and beautiful in our own ways, inside and out, she says.

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Certainly, Sanders did what many of the models would not have the guts to do. Shattering notions around body perfection is important as it glorifies one essential hard-to-attain body type while marginalizing bodies which are average in built and nowhere close to the so called perfect body.

(Courtesy: The Epoch Times)