Why Neruppu Da ..is a Truly Important Song for Inspiration


Neruppu Da!!

Mudiyumaa ?

(The fire!! Come closer!! Can you?)

Neruppuda Nerunguda Paapom Nerunguna Posukkura Koottam..

(The fire!! Get closer, let’s see, If you get closer, this team will burn you.)

The song is burning with rage these days in the market. Kids are loving it, and the ones who have presumably grown older are worshipping the meaning and magical correlation with the Rajini factor. In fact, there is no stopping this mania for some time. Neruppu Da is easily one of the top chart busters this year.


Superstar Rajinikanth songs are usually known for their equally zing factor – obvious considering that nothing less is settled while music and lines are being composed for Thalaiaa. Neruppu Da, however, leads the pack of the rest that have been composed on similar lines before.

Bhayamaa?!! (Fear?!!)

The song is about power, confidence, spark, might and charisma. Right until the point when superstar is heard saying “Thirindey vandhatey Enna!!”. The magic gets doubled up here.

While we still don’t know where the song really fits in the film and if there is any particular timing to it, the soundtrack is already selling the film right before release, winning hearts left right and centre.

A clearly inspiring song with cleverly composed lyrics and well positioned dialogues, Neruppu Da proves to be one of the most powerful and inspirational songs that have been composed in the history of Kollywood music. The youth is getting swayed with the magic, more so that they are heard saying “Kabali Da’ everywhere one goes. The Rajini mania is nicely setting in, enlivening demotivated spirits and uplifting those who feel down.

Well done Rajini sir, you have proved your effect one more time, and that too with sheer magic of song lyrics in your film.

Song Ey Ippidi Ennaa..Inda Patam?!!

Neruppu Da!!