One Should Definitely Know The Inspiring Tale Of 24-year Old Narasimha From Hyderabad


Nowadays, public libraries e generation kids ki asalu city lo unnayo ledho kuda teliyadhu. Endhukante adi vaalla mistake kadhu, a libraries dysfunctional stage lo undadam valla and epudu padipotayo teledu ani padubadipoyi undadam valla. Meeku telusa mana Hyderabad lo more than 85 public libraries unnayi ani and avi kuda dysfunctional lo unnayi.1 - Public Library

Mana city loni chala mandi interested students chaduvukundam anukunna vaallu inko option leka Rs. 500 to Rs. 2000 spend chesi monthly membership tesukuntunaru.2 - Library Fee

Evaru peddaga react avvaledu, but one guy from Hyderabad wanted to change everything. Meet Donthineni Narasimha from IIM Rohtak. He got the information through the Right to Information Act that GHMC has collected Library Cess of Rs 339.87 crore from 2006 to 2013 from the citizens but has paid just Rs 39 crore to the Hyderabad City Grandhalaya Samstha (HCGS). Every month, HCGS requesting the GHMC to release funds of Rs. 1 crore for the maintainace of libraries, but they released Rs. 12.5 lakh, which includes the library management and employees salaries.5 - Ghmc

To get more clarification, he interacted with HCGS officials and came to know that HCGS made many complaints to GHMC to remit the library cess, but they didn’t respond. So, he finally last Summer filed a Public Interest Litigation(PIL) against the GHMC and State government for non-remittance of library cess.4 - Higher Officals

First lo GHMC argye chesina, High Court valaki against ga result ichindi. And Telangana Government, Department of Public libraries and the Education Department kuda tinaki support chestu PIL meda sign chesaru.

So, High Court ventane avi clear chestu and Rs. 139 crores libraries kosam karchupetalani and kotta remodel cheyalani orders pass chesindi. Telangana deputy chief minister Kadiyam Srihari has announced that orders have been issued to set up functional libraries in the city.6 - Kadiyam Srihari

Earlier, he contested Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation Elections at the age of 24 in 2016 February and students ki better public transportation facilities kosam campaign chesadu. That led to the introduction of combination ticket in RTC buses for students in Hyderabad. Narasimha also founded an organization ‘Youth for Better India’ and e organization lo more than one lakh youngsters anti-corruption kosam campaigns chestu unayi.7 - Campaign

Hats Off Narasimha! We all should learn a lot from you and need more people like you in our country.3 - Narasimha