our expectations Vs reality in Summer!


It is true that Summer sometimes makes us feel awkward like a New Year, where the expectations reach sky high, but in reality, we don’t even at the border of that. Before the Summer season starts, we plan a lot of things, but when it comes, we lie too far ahead of ourselves. Let see, our expectations Vs reality in Summer.

1. Expectation: We plan to go to Goa or Himachal Pradesh with our besties1.-ExpectationReality: We simply sit on our couch for hours with Netflix and doing nothing1-Reality

2. Expectations: We plan for a super healthy diet from the first day itself of our holidays. A big No to junk food.2-ExpectationsReality: We end up in ordering Pizza with extra cheese from Dominos. Isn’t it?2-Reality

3. Expectations: We plan to clean our house and also plans to do a part time job for our pocket money.3-ExpectationsReality: End up roaming with friends on roads and urging mom and dad for some money.3-Reality-

4. Expectation: We plan to meet our long time friends and expect cute pictures with BFFs4-ExpectationReality: It ends up sending and receiving ugly snaps.4-Realit

5. Expectation: We want to get all assignments to be completed on the first day so that we don’t want to worry about them during your break.5 -RealityReality: Spend the whole summer season by doing nothing and finally end up doing it on the last night.5-expectation

6. Expectation: Busy schedule from morning to dawn with friends.6.-ExpectationReality: Getting lost.6-Reality

7. Expectation: Along with food, we want to get in good shape by doing work out every day.7.-ExpectationReality: Well, usually in Summer, our day starts at 12 p.m. and after that because of scorching heat, forget about the gym, we don’t even want to leave our bed.7-Reality

8. Expectation: We plan to go to our relatives place in Delhi, Mumbai or Bangalore.8.-ExpectationReality: We finally goes to our grandma’s house in our village, where the power cuts are quite common.8-Reality