Pani Puri Rap by Pranav Changanty


Pani Puri Rap by Pranav Changanty – A revolution that is created in the world of upcoming music, composers and singers….oops…rappers!

Oka song ni create cheyyadam is not at all a small task. Andulo lyrics raayadam, paadatam, record cheyyadam, all this is a task that needs a lot of dedication. Here is this guy who sings rap in the most comfortable manner that catches the audience instantly.

Pani puri anedi Oka food item kadu.. adi mana pranam! Deeni gurinchi paata raayadam and adi kuda Oka rap song cheyyadam is an amazing thought. This definitely is a new feat achieved by any youngster. If we as audience that encourage talent like this care to take our time out and watch this, this song will reach new heights that is unimaginable. Watch this mind freakingly awesome rap song that will make you want more of such.