9 tips to follow to prevent dehydration this summer!


Summer is about too much heat and too many holidays. Having fun is never a bad thing but being sure to be safe around anytime is a huge necessity. This summer, follow these tiny tips and be careful to not let yourself bed struck and get away from enjoying. Preventing dehydration is one problem we have to all tackle with.

Summer heat is a sign for the arrival of not just juicy mangoes but also dehydration that can pull off the energetic you. We cannot be tugged up at houses and offices but we should be sufficiently hydrated to avoid sever health troubles. Dehydration at a mild stage possess symptoms like headache, reduced and dark urine, fainting, dizziness, muscle cramps in the legs and arms, nausea and weakness.

– Dehydration remedies

1) Take 1 litre water and add 1 tbsp of sugar and 1 tsp of salt and have it immediately. The dizziness is set right instantly. You can also add natural flavours to it to make it taste interesting.Dehydration remedies

2) Coconut water is the best way to keep yourself energised and refreshed. Keep having them regularly.Dehydration remedies

3) Eat lots of watermelon and drink a lot of watermelon juice. It contains nutrients that will keep you healthy and is a fruit that keeps you cool and refreshed.Dehydration remedies

4) Lassi is another drink you can fight dehydration with. It gives you the coolness and also the consumption of a good amount of salt and sugar too.Dehydration remedies

5) Cucumber is another food item that you combat dehydration with. With the amount of water intake and the amount of vital nutrients, minerals that gets into the body with this consumption, we are all healthy and free from any sorts of troubles.Dehydration remedies

6) Have lots of buttermilk everyday. this will help in making the electrolyte balance normal.Dehydration remedies

7) For curing milder dehydration problems, banana is a very good option. Consuming banana will add to your body potassium, magnesium, iron and other necessary minerals.Dehydration remedies

8) Barley water can easily help you stay away from the situation of dehydration. You have to soak a cup of barley in water. Now you have to boil the same. Let it get cool for some time and stain water. Now add some lemon juice, salt and honey in it and stir. Drink the water to stay away from dehydration.Dehydration remedies

9) Vegetable salads with lots of low fat, low calorie, high water content goodies like Cucumber, tomato, carrot and onion are easy to make and are the best options of food to make you stay hydrated and healthy during hot summers.Dehydration remedies