The irony of Telugu films and their audience!


1. Item song became so necessary that most of the times, timing dobbuthadi. Movie lo manchi grip and interesting situations unapude item songs osthay and aa feel pothadi.The irony of Telugu films (1)

2. Comedy is usually when there is humor in the situation or in dialogues. But most commercial movies lo ela aipoindi ante, comedian ni kodithe or comedian ni thanthe or comedian self jokes eskunte or comedian ni oka fool chesthe, comedy antaru. There has to be a change.The irony of Telugu films (2)

3. Songs lo konni locations are ice cold. Alanti locations lo the heroes come in dresses that cover themselves fully and keep them warm where as the ladies out there still are preferred to expose!!!! Vaallaki kuda chali pedthadi. So it is ok to have them get covered during the song.The irony of Telugu films (3)

4. Heroes eh age aina, elanti personality una vaallu screen meedaki osthe chaalu…whistles, shouts and claps asalu aagavu. Ade heroine koncham age ekva aina or chubby aina accept cheyyaniki problem untadi audience ki.The irony of Telugu films (4)

5. Climax lo fight unapudu, the hero gets hit so much and aa process lo some surprising nijalu will be told to everyone else by the villain and once the talking is over, the hero gains his strength again.The irony of Telugu films (5)

6. A fan war on the internet had this as the summay. Balayya movies lo logics vetkaru kani bahubali and nannaku prematho lo science and physics rules apply avvatle antaru! it is unimaginable antaru!The irony of Telugu films (6)

7. The heroine is so strong and rebellious till she falls in love with the hero for some extremely silly things.The irony of Telugu films (7)

8. A Telugu movie has to have a commercial insight only if it can accommodate an ’ITEM’ song. I still do not get what is an Item in the song!? Stop objectifying roles. Be it a hero or a heroine.The irony of Telugu films (8)

9. Hero edaina risk kudina goppa pani intlo or heroine ki cheppakunda chesthe, the villain is the mediator. The hero takes so many blows until the villain discloses those facts and as soon as he is done telling, the hero gets back all his strength. Ridiculous!The irony of Telugu films (9)

10. Anni routine movies eh unay antaru. If a director comes up with something really innovative, there is some audience of the same flock who wanted different movies discourage such attempts!The irony of Telugu films (10)