Pawan Kalyan & Renu Desai Again Prove Their Humanitarian Side By Funding A Girl’s College Fees


When Lakshmi Durga tweeted to Renu Desai, little did she know that the Power star himself would involve in paying college fees.

Lakshmi Durga Degala took twitter to reach out to Renu Desai as she was unable to pay her college fees. The humbled Renu took a note of this and reverted positively promising her that she would do the needful after proper verification.


A few days passed and Lakshmi Durga updated her social media status saying that her fees was paid by a representative of Pawan Kalyan who had come to her college. Expressing her gratitude to Pawan Kalyan and Renu Desai, Lakshmi Durga is now definitely pumped up.


This is not the first time we are seeing such an act from Pawan Kalyan, he has been dealing with many social issues and has always put his foot forward when it comes to social service. It is not that we cannot do and only the stars can do such feet, if you remember Pawan Kalyan recently mentioned that he was finding it tough to pay his staff their salaries too. So it doesn’t require you to be filthy rich to come into the social service bracket, it just take a thought to do so.

Kudos Renu!! Kudos Pawan Kalyan!!!