Priyanka Chopra Becomes An Avenger!!


By Siddharth Naidu

Over Twitter earlier this week, Priyanka Chopra announced that she’ll be joining the voice cast of Marvel Avengers Academy as Kamala Khan aka Miss Marvel !

After two International exoctic chartbusters , touching down topping numbers with her hit ABC network series Quantico, (and pretty recently making it to the Oscar 2016 presenters list) Priyanka Chopra the first South Asian woman to ever headline an American network show, bagged the role of Miss Marvel,in the upcoming “ Avengers Academy” animated roleplay game coming soon to Android and iOS devices. The other ensemble voice cast list includes-

Alexandra Daddario (True Detective) as Wasp,

Colton Haynes (Arrow) as Thor,

Bella Thorne (Scream: The TV Series) as Tigra,

Kiernan Shipka (Mad Men) as Spider-Woman,

Dave Franco (Neighbors) as Tony Stark,

Alison Brie (Community) as Black Widow,

Rapper A$AP Rocky as Falcon and,

WWE superstar John Cena as Hulk.

Other characters in the game include Loki, Hawkeye, Vision, Ant-Man, War Machine, Captain Marvel, Winter Soldier, Black Panther, Enchantress and Taskmaster.

At this point of time there aren’t many things left for our dear Miss Chopra to achieve. We are indeed running out of things to challenge her with. Sigh..!! Let her Assemble with the others as we go ahead and check out the trailer below..