The Internet’s Best Troll You’ve Never Heard of Is On Donald Trump


Kanye West is a loser, according to a website whose sole purpose is to name and shame such folk. Not just him, they were many in the past according to this website. Now Redirects to Trump’s Wikipedia Page.  So Head to this URL and find the latest loser..


US presidential candidate Donald Trump is the latest victim of Internet troll Brian Connelly. Connelly owns the URL and habitually makes it redirect to pages of people he feels fit the title.

However, the Internet only took notice this week, after Trump lost to presidential candidate Ted Cruz in the Republican primaries after the Iowa caucus results.

Do you want to Buy this Domain and Troll People?

In an interview with The Next Web, Connelly said he has had people offer to buy the domain before, for up to $100 000. “But I’m not starving at this point so I haven’t been inspired to move away from it.”

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