Pelli Gola – A web Originals by Mallik Ram

Movies are rooted out of a person’s deep passion. These films could be short on the internet or long on the screen; whatsoever they are it demands great plot, cast, direction and everything that an entertaining film wants. Mallik Ram is a name that has been ringing in the mouths of all after his film, Naruda Donaruda starring the all time cute star, Sumanth. This director has now decided to allure internet audience with his web originals, Pelli Gola.

This web series casts the hero who stole many hearts after Sekhar Kamula’s Life is Beautiful, Abhijeet Duddala. We have seen him in the film to be a calm person with lot of introspection in his mind and who struggles between career, love, family and life and finally takes clarity and tastes success. This web series features him to be a cool dude who falls in love with a girl from a village. The girl is a the Chandamama Kathalu fame, Shamili Sounderajan. Annapurna studios is known for producing movies that are not just commercial blowers but also those movies that knack and touch us with concepts that focus on our regular lives. They have earned another co-producer as Tamada Media who have launched a lot of web-series’ that definitely are entertainers and lovely as well.

Shot on an enchanting village backdrop, this web series is about how a doctor from a city and a sports freak from a village find meaning to their relationship outside societal bounds of marriage. They elope off their own marriage.

Do not miss any episode as the cast have themselves a guaranteed entertainment tag on their previous moves