This 19 Year Youngster’s Road Photographs Are All About Road Safety

Office ki time avtundi anna hadavidi lo bike start chesi 100 speed lo fast ga veltuntam. Konchem dooram vellaka side stand alage undani opposite or manatha vacche bikers cheppe varaku naku aa vishayam teliyadu. Ala chepparu kabatti okay if not, pakka accident chances 100% untundi.

Dupatta bike venaka tyre lo struck avadam, road pakkana apina vehicle valla accidents avadam ila chinna chinna vishayalu manishi pranalanu pothunna incidents rojuku enno jarugutunnayi.

Ee chinna road safety measures importance cheppadaniki oka 19 years Kerala abbayi, tanaku telsina photography ni nammukunnadu. Adi ela ani doubt vachindha? Okay let’s look out few photographs he clicked then you’ll get to know.

1. Please look back when you open car doors

Awareness through Photography

2. Take care of your dupatta which may lead to huge road mishap

Awareness through Photography

3. Drive safe be Safe

3. Thrikkannan Road Photography

4. Ride responsibly

5. Thrikkannan Road Photography

5. Thrikkannan – man behind photographs !

Awareness through Photography

Ivi sample matrame inka this photographer even make videos on road safety and other issues too. He’s not like every teenager we come across in our daily life he’s something else who is aware of responsibility and care at very tender age.

Kudos Thrikkannan.

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