Pratyusha Banerjee Was Pregnant Days Before Her Death – Reports Confirm..!!

Hospital doctors confirmed on Monday that TV actor Pratyusha Banerjee, 24, was pregnant and had probably undergone an abortion not long before her alleged suicide on April 2. The revelation, made on the basis of a histopathological examination of tissues from the uterus, may add another twist to the case.

A source close to the investigation told TOI, “The findings showed that there was a conception few days or a month before her demise, and there was a premature death of the foetal cell.” The products of conception, or the placental or foetal tissue in the uterus found following delivery, termination of pregnancy or a miscarriage, were infected and degenerated. That usually hints towards a secondary infection, probably occurring due to an attempt to terminate the pregnancy.”

But experts said the police will have a tough time establishing the paternity of the child. “Since there are no tissues left or rather they were removed, it may be challenging to carry out a DNA test to establish the child’s paternity,” an expert said. Investigations following Pratyusha’s death have shown that she was in a troubled relationship with her fiance, actor-producer Rahul Raj Singh. But the report could not confirm her exact gestational age.

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