7 Reasons To Watch The Kick-Ass Web-Series, Permanent Roommates


By Anusha Reddy

If you haven’t watched, then you need to start watching it. One of the best web series you shall ever see. A mix of events form our everyday lives, but with a hint of hyperactive energy, craziness and laughter. A refreshing series, one which is completely new for our web series viewers.

Mikesh and Tanya moved in together two years ago, and since then Permanent Roommates has had crazy fan following. It has been one of the most progressive shows we might have seen. Here are reasons you should be watching this goofily amazing web series:

First for the adorable couple, Tan-kesh:


They are as goofy as the name sounds. A couple that came together by chance but ended up being in love. The I’m-cool Mikesh and the head strong Tanya. The way they deal their relation and their problems with a funny side to everything is what makes the series come alive. Their epic role reversal fails, their food issues and everything in between is what probably every couple goes through.

Tanya’s priorities:


“I am working too hard towards being a brand manager, not a mother” says Tanya when she’s pregnant. Unlike all the serials where the heroine eventually falls in love and gives up her life to live with her in- laws, Tanya as her priorities set and is not ready to give them up. She portrays the modern women who can manage their personal and professional lives.

Mikesh wanted to marry Tanya when she was ready:


What won our hearts over was that Mikesh wanted to marry Tanya when she was up for it and not because she was pregnant. The way Mikesh understood Tanya’s stress of being pregnant, and possibly not being ready for married life was a refreshing change from the very obvious upper hand men often have in cinematic relationships and how the women end up being married even if they are not convinced with the idea.

The post-modern man:


Mikesh introduced a new form of masculinity totally different from the usually portrayed man. He is the best example of how a modern man should be-progressive and mature. He does not shy away from emotions, accepts new stuff without a regressive thought. A scene that should inspire all the other depictions.

Parents have a life of their own too:


We have been brought up watching the traditional parents who sacrifice for their and make them the centre of their universe. This being right in its own place, we have forgotten that parents are individuals and they have a life different from us too. So, when Tanya’s father admits to his desires of living his own life and ‘having fun’ after years of holding back, we witness a new, humanized portrayal of a person finally letting go.

Tanya and her mother- in- law’s conversation:


Aren’t we done with the evil saas and the poor bahu or the vice- versa? This conversation is such a light moment, making it one of the best scenes in the series. Such conversations are what probably happen between saas and bahu.

The moment of faith:emotion

The climax of the season 2 of the series is something that will bring tears to your eyes. It was something not expected, but it will leave you with a lot of emotions. Do they get married or do they part? How is their kid and many other questions. So, watch the series right away to have your questions answered.