10 Things you will relate to if you are a facebook-addict


Technology is playing a very important role in our lives. It is being the mother, father, brother, cook, TV, theatre and everything manaki. Edi kavalanna phone teeyali, emi cheyyaniki lekapoina phone teeyali. Phone teesi pedda panulu kondaru chestharu kaani, inkondaru oo business people laaga acting chestharu kani facebook eh chustharu continuous ga.

Ilanti vaalla kosame ee article ankitham!

1. Wherever you go, whatever you do, pictures and check-ins are there on facebook!1facebook
2. Facebook raatri antha chusi chusi phone mee pakkane padkuntadi.2facebook
3. Morning levaagane, the first thing we do is, take our phone out from under the pillow and open facebook.3facebook
4. You know what all your friends are doing and where they are since you keep scrolling through your news feed and sometimes their profiles too.4facebook
5. Facebook-ing is the last thing you do every night.5facebook
6. You keep taking pictures of everything and put them there! So basic ga whatsapp lo or Bluetooth lo evvarki emi pampiyyakunda undochu.6facebook
7. Facebook lo notifications vini vini, em raakapoina ochinattu anpisthadi.7facebook
8. Your bad day could include bad wifi!8facebook
9. Inni photos pedtham kabatti sometimes we run out of statuses or captions that we end up calling our friends and asking them for this.9facebook
10. Konni times we become the Sherlock Holmes that we figure out extremely strange stuff observing people’s facebook activity!10facebook