If Rock On!! is Made in Tamil, This Would Be The Cast

In the world of cinema, new and refreshing ideas are always applauded. No wonder, many films remade every year in India, from one language to another. Call it inspiration or call it copying, movies that are remade seem to fare well as long as there is enough substance and audience loves them.

Tamil film industry is mostly original, but has often remade Hindi movies with promising content. But, Rock On!! is one movie which no one has attempted yet. In spite of having lesser known actors in the lead, the movie was a blockbuster in Bollywood and flaunted music that topped the charts.

Rock On!! is a story about four aspiring rockers who form a band but fall apart due to misunderstandings. They later come together at the behest of one of the band mate and win a musical concert, realizing their long lost dream. Starring Farhan Akhtar, Arjun Rampal, Purab Kohli, Luke Kenny, Prachi Desai, Shahana Goswami and Nicolette Bird, this film had turned out to be a new age cult sort.

So, what if Rock On was remade in Tamil? Who would be the cast? Here is our take on this.

Silambarasan – Aditya (Farhan Akhtar)


This character goes through a complete transformation from a happy go lucky rock singer to a recluse financial consultant. The dream role for Simbu. With his charisma, Silambarasan would look perfect as the lead singer of the boy band. On the other hand, given his performances in Vinnai Thaandi Varuvaaya and Vallavan, there is no doubt that he would play the role of the serious money man too with complete conviction.

Arya – Joe (Arjun Rampal)

Arya copy

The lead guitarist of the band, Joe is a guy of few words and has no qualms when his band mate Aditya hoards the limelight. However, Joe fights back when things go overboard. With Naan Kadavul, Arya has proved that he can play intense roles, which is why we feel he would be perfect for this. We can already see him with long hair, donning a guitar in style. A la Tam Bon Jovi.

Jai – KD (Purab Kohli)


Lead drummer and the clown of the band, the KD character brings in some comic relief in the film. Jai, who has proved his perfect comic timing in films like Goa and Raja Rani would surely suit this role to the tee.

Vijay Antony – Rob (Luke Kenny)

Vijay Antony copy

The keyboard player, Rob unites the band many years later to fulfill their incomplete dream. A perfect amalgamation of emotion and joy, this character is best suited for Vijay Antony. Antony will kill it with intense looks and musical prowess.

Sridivya – Sakshi (Prachi Desai)


Aditya’s wife, Sakshi accidentally finds out her husband’s musical talent and tries to unite him with his long lost friends, with a hope of bringing back smile on his face. Sridivya with her girl next door looks would be perfect for this role. She will be a great on screen soft spoken housewife.

Anjali – Debbie (Shahana Goswami)


The transformation from happy girlfriend of the lead guitarist Joe to a money crunched bitter wife was played fabulously by Shahana Goswami in the original. In Tamil cinema, if there is any actress who can play this role perfectly, that should be Anjali of Angadi Theru fame.

Shruti Haasan – Nicolette Bird

Shruti Haasan

Though a small role, it is quite a glamorous one. Which is why beautiful Shruti Haasan comes to our mind. Aditya’s ex girlfriend forms an interesting part of the plot. He meets her years later at a party to find out that she has married one of his competitors.

And since music is the backbone of the film, AR Rahman should be roped in as the music composer. Let us hope that the Kollywood directors are listening and would soon attempt a remake of this rocking film.

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