Shobana’s Selfie Creates A Nostalgic Shudder on Social Media


Shobana – the danseuse and actress of yesteryears is well followed even today for her absolutely gorgeous looks that stay the same. The lady is going places despite retiring as the mainstream actress. Shobana continues to create ripples, performing classical dance shows on stage all over the world. The Malayali beauty is ever attached to her land and state Kerala.

Recently, Shobana posted her picture on the auspicious occasion of Vishu. The lady posed for an awesome selfie with none other than four of her endearing colleagues and friends from showbiz.


Get ready to go Awww…four beauties who rocked the screen in the previous decades –Suhasini Maniratnam, Khushboo Sundar and Radhika Sarathkumar get together for Vishu at Shobana’s place. This absolutely adorable picture springs so many memories in our minds. Totally. Shobana continues to perform in interesting character roles in films, while Suhasini, Khushboo and Radhika are going ahead,casting their magic on the telly.

It is also amazing to know that friendships are maintained at this length in the film industry. Tamil domain for one always sets fine examples in lines of emotions, attachments and relationships. The kind that is mostly evidenced among the male stars is now showing out among the ladies too.

Shobana is long missed in the Telugu zone, particularly. She played a plethora of roles in the past, with the likes of Chiranjeevi and Rajendra Prasad. One awaits to see her exploding in a prominent role sometime soon. Once the time is right and the script strikes the chord, we are guessing.